I am a designer, pattern maker and stylist.

My eye for style evolves from my constant interest in what is trending on the world stage from designer fashion week updates, street smart blogs, future colour trends, eco-couture ideas, economic outlooks, current affairs, what’s hot in art, vintage styling, current documentaries, books, movies and theatre trends.

I have worked with designers in London – Bella Freud & Elaine Oxford in Islington; for designers in Brisbane – Kristin Kavanagh & Bianca Steffini; followed by a lengthy stint working in the uniform division of King Gee under the Pacific Brands banner.

I have also successfully sold my own designs under the Shanahan label and recently under the Take Cover label.

I have lived in a variety of cities and climates: Sydney and Brisbane, Australia; London, UK; Milan, Italy, so I understand the needs of different climates & pace of cities.

I have also traveled extensively from trekking in the Arctic Circle in Sweden, through the Dolomites in Italy during Summer, walked around Maria Island in Tasmania, throughout Northern Italy in all weathers, enjoyed Paris and the South of France, Ireland, Scotland & Wales, Hong Kong and Singapore and also the East Coast of USA – New York, Chicago and Washington.  After all this experience I pack a good capsule wardrobe for all needs.

I currently live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband and two children, both in high school.

If you would like an outsiders perspective on the real Cathy my hairdresser of many years Bethany did a lovely profile on me back in 2014.  Click here.

Colourful Cathy All For Mary Photoshoot by Nicole Barralet






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