These are a Few of My Favourite Things….what are Yours?

Want to find your own style?

Finding your own style starts with finding your favourite things.

What is my favourite thing may not be yours, but when I show you my favourite shirt, think about what is your favourite shirt.  If you like, take a photo of it and save it to a pinterest board or your own photo album.   You will start to get a clear picture of what you like to wear, why you enjoy wearing them and if they work together to create fabulous outfits.

Pictured here is one of my favourite shirts; an old one of my grandmothers.  While the neckline is high for someone like me with a big bust, the V-Pintucked section with lace creates the illusion of length.  The fluted sleeves at the wrist creates interest with a jacket on or off.  The design is quite ‘prim’ but the sheer cotton makes it less prudish.  Something like this can be worn with a black bra, setting the primness off with something seen to be racy.  I like a little bit of contradiction in my dressing and this is ideal for now.

Which one of your shirts would you pick?  And why? Share with a comment below.

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