Spring is here, do you feel the need to clean? 

Who wants a wardrobe that throws a negative vibe at you every morning?  Not me, I need positive vibes in my life.  Let me help you convert that negative ‘ugh’ feeling when facing the daily dress-up, one step at a time.

My blog this September is to give you tips to clear out your wardrobe one step at a time.

Tip #1

Remove all clothes that don’t fit you any more (too small, too big).  Take them off hangers, make sure they are clean and store away in a suitcase or a vacuum pack bag.  Add a date to the pack a year from now.  Add a reminder in your diary. Store away for a year.

Next year, on the date you diarised, open up the pack, try everything on.  If it does not fit by now – donate, gift, sell.

If they fit, yay new wardrobe.

Next morning, you will know that anything you choose from your wardrobe fits.  Makes life a little simpler & positive.  Enjoy.

Posted by:catcarew

Brisbane Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Curator + Fashion Up-cycler + Helping women express themselves stylishly, sustainably, without the clutter.

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