Wardrobe audit Tip #3: If your hangers are beautifully crocheted, hand-me downs from Grandma, inherited from the dry-cleaners or a mixture of wire, wooden, plastic hangers from various wardrobes you have used over the years, it is time to streamline. NOW.

Nothing cleans the wardrobe and the head faster than using similar hangers for your clothes.  The main benefit is the wardrobe looks instantly tidy.  Visually, the length of all your clothes using the same hanger can be instantly compared.  For example: dresses hanging on the same hanger show which is long, midi, shorter etc…  Same with pants – helps you find your capri black pant quickly as opposed to pulling out every black pant you own.

Choose one type of hanger for shirts, dresses and cardigans.  My preference is a curved shoulder velvet flock hanger.  This keeps the shoulders smooth and is non-slip.

Choose a wooden jacket hanger for your jackets.  Keeps the shoulder and collar in good shape.

Choose a strong rubberised clip hanger for your pants and skirts. Clip at the waist.

When the closet minimalist audits your wardrobe, I supply a collection of these as part of the package.  You can also purchase more of these from me at a reasonable price.

Alternatively Howards Storage has a great collection, including similar ones to the ones I use and sell.

Either count your current hangers and buy to replace them all or start with 10 clip hangers, 8 jacket hangers and 30 flock dress/shirt hangers.  Make the change over and look back and breathe easy as the noise of hanger chaos has been removed and all you see are your clothes.  Ideal really for a functioning wardrobe.

Enjoy the simplicity of your wardrobe every day after.

Cathy xo

PS you are getting a glimpse into my wardrobe in these photos.

Posted by:catcarew

Brisbane Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Curator + Fashion Up-cycler + Helping women express themselves stylishly, sustainably, without the clutter.

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