Now denim I have always liked, but the various hues of blue coloured clothes just never felt right on me.  It could stem from the fact that when I was little I was dressed in red and my older sister in navy.  Red is my favourite colour still.

So why do I tend towards blue right now?  Blame it on the zeitgeist because I am not alone. Denim has been on trend for a while now…skinny jeans…flared jeans…double denim…upcycled, recycled or new.  But for me personally it all started when I happened upon Vic Pemberton’s instagram page of amazing fabrics dyed using Shibori methods.  Now I do love dyeing and shibori just touched all my buttons.

Around the same time I created a pinterest board titled “Do I like Blue…These I do”, because I kept seeing clothes of blue that I liked, and thought maybe one day I may start investing in some hues of blue.  Inspirational blues also found on Instagram at Stella Jean, Easton Pearson, Binnywear and Caroline Constas.  The other amazing royal blue pops up on these instagram sites Chroma Rohka, Vivetta, Paul Andrew and Tanya Taylor, further reinforcing the lure of blue.  Carla Zampatti also featured this colour in her recent S/S15 range.  And what about all those amazing Oscar gowns in blue as Glynis Traill-Nash of The Australian reported from Hollywood?

Now, discovering a new colour for your wardrobe, for someone who keeps things minimal, needs some serious (I know they are only clothes) consideration.  So slowly but surely.  I found a great blue and white stripe t-shirt at the local op-shop – looked and smelt brand new and I love wearing it.  I finished up-cycling three of my husbands business shirts (the best cotton) and made a dress (look out for a future blogpost on this one) and I bought a great leather up-cycled zip pouch (from old jackets) by Kookaburra Kiss from Eumundi markets in January.

I feel so fresh when I wear blue, and a little French somehow.  Now that it is in my sights I see it everywhere, so maybe some room needs to be made in my wardrobe so I can feel the blues a bit more.

Au revoir,  Cathy




Posted by:catcarew

Brisbane Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Curator + Fashion Up-cycler + Helping women express themselves stylishly, sustainably, without the clutter.

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