Do you know your vibe, you know your essence, your aesthetic?  Recently I caught up with friends I have known for quite some time and I think to an outsider we would have looked mismatched together. Wrong.

Its sounds like a joke the Minimalist walked into a bar and saw the Bohemian.  She was looking amazing in her boho chic, wild hair and wonderful smile – a mixture of animal print + paisley red off the shoulder blouson.  And whilst I looked very different, I looked great too (I felt it, so hey – I am a stylista)…in my skinny black jeans and a “borrowed” black tie white shirt rolled at cuffs and a black boot sandal.  Along came our third friend looking very Chanel chic in ivory and creams with a boucle jacket.  The Bohemian, the Minimalist and the Gamine.  No punchline here except we all looked stylish and beautiful.

Like all of us, trial and error led us to our personal aesthetic.  How do you find your own “mojo” – that look where you feel just right, that reflects your personality, enhances all your assets and hides the little things you don’t like?  It all comes down to what you like, as this is essentially the inner you.  Think of all your choices you make daily: food preferences, hair style, music, instafriends, colours, art, movies, books, games, exercise, cars, holidays etc…  So are you an organic, free hair, bluesfest, purple, manga, indie rock climber?  Or are you fresh, bob, Edith Piaf, redblack&white, Woody Allen, novels, tennis player?  All these choices are made because you like them and inherently they define your life motto, your vibe.

I just listened to a Wardrobe Crisis podcast where Clare Press speaks to StyleLikeU’s Elisa Goodkind about the stereotypes of beauty and the self-acceptance revolution.  I love that Elisa Goodkind says “style is not about trends, money or presenting a façade of photoshopped perfection” and that “true style is what is underneath”.   They just released a book about this.  This podcast was my introduction to StyleLikeU and I am so glad to find people that think like me.  Style is not about being fashionable, it is about being you.

When you find your own essence, it all comes together and you find an inner calm when dressing and shopping.  This is what dressing daily should be like.  Your clothes should only be an extension of the person you are, and not dominate your being.  Being yourself creates your own style.

Find yourself and you find your style.  Struggling to uncover your natural style? A workshop with me, you and your wardrobe can help untap your style essence. Contact me on

Cheers C xo

Posted by:catcarew

Brisbane Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Curator + Fashion Up-cycler + Helping women express themselves stylishly, sustainably, without the clutter.

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