Style Forever – How to look fabulous at every age by Alyson Walsh.

I loved everything about this book.  Written by Alyson Walsh of That’s Not My Age” fame, it is a frank look at styling yourself, your way, whatever age, size or creed.  She reinforces my thoughts about expressing yourself through your clothes with complete disregard for trendy ‘hot right now’ clothing.  As Yves Saint Laurent said “Fashions fade, style is forever”.

First published in 2015 Alyson Walsh introduces the book with “Say hello to generation FAB (Fifty and beyond)”  so there is no doubt who the target market is, however her principles essentially cross all ages.   As a fashion journalist and blogger Alyson has witnessed the changes in fashion, met many stylish women and discovered what works for her.  She doesn’t dictate a style but guides you to uncovering your own style with tips and tricks from the many interviews of stylish gals she has met on her fashion journey.

I enjoyed the section on the grown-up style tribes like the ‘Casual Glamourpuss’ who wears “a relaxed blend of day and evening wear” or the ‘Gentlewoman’ who wears “elegant, grown-up tomboy clothing of discerning taste.”




Style is not clothing alone, as I see every-time I help a woman face their closet and concerns about styling themselves.  It is about being healthy of mind and body; have that in place and your personality shines through.  It might be because I am now 54 and confronting those small steps that the body wants to take towards ageing gracefully (!) that I found it a kind of manual of what to expect.  As you age your skin & hair are what you face every morning and Alyson’s section ‘Never Mind the Botox’ is refreshing to read along with interviews with experts.  Then to hair, ‘Grey Matters’ talks about possible paths to take.




My most favourite section was the interviews with stylish women from varied walks of life.  I didn’t recognise all of the names (there is a British bent to this bible) but I appreciated the difference in their styles, choices and opinions.  The illustrations by Australian Leo Greenfield added to Alyson’s edgy and amusing writing.




Overall “Style Forever” is both a manual and an entertaining read and I recommend it to anyone moving towards that 50 milestone.

Enjoy your week stylishly

Cat xo



Posted by:catcarew

Brisbane Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Curator + Fashion Up-cycler + Helping women express themselves stylishly, sustainably, without the clutter.

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