Black knee high leather boots are an essential for me and just suit my winter uniform.

My history with these started back in 1977 when my Mum bought me my first pair at Wallis (I think this was the store) in London.  I was 13 and I still have them.  I still wear them, except they have a really really high heel.  How did I ever walk in them and… hey what was Mum thinking?

On returning to Australia in 1978 I made my debut wearing them.  It was my first dance.  It was a Nudgee dance and it was at Cloudland.  No not the Cloudland now in Fortitude Valley; that didn’t exist back then.  No I am talking about THE Cloudland, up on Bowen Hills.  It had a sprung floor and an amazing view across Brisbane.

Fresh from England I had no idea what the dress code was, so I wore what I had in my closet at the time.  Drainpipe denim jeans, the kind you had to squeeze yourself into (no stretch in those days), my uncle’s old stripe business shirt without the detachable collar worn loose, blouson style with a belt slung around my hips, a rainbow striped jumper tied around my neck (I wish I still had that one) and my knee high boots.  With Boney M singing ‘The Rivers of Babylon’ in the background, I grooved to the beat in my knee high high boots.

Jump to January 1994, my first week in Milan, Italy to study at the Istituto Marangoni and I turned 30.  My birthday gift was a new pair of Italian knee high black boots, with a flat heel.  The make was superb and they kept my feet warm all through that first freezing cold winter.  I also bought sheepskin insoles and they made them even more cosy.  I wore them everyday for the first few months as my Australian bought footwear just didn’t cope with the cold. As you can see I wore them in.  I have plans to up-cycle them (watch out for the blog about this).

They lasted for just under 20 years and I knew I needed to replace them.  Sydney 2013 saw me buy this last pair and they are going strong.  They don’t need the sheepskin insoles but they keep the toes warm when needed, and this look is still a favourite.  I see myself in my 70’s rocking a pair of knee-highs as they transcend age and trends.

Knowing these are favourites of mine are an indication of my style aesthetic.  Identify your favourites and you will uncover elements to your own personal style.  This is one of the ways I help clients bring their style aesthetic to the surface.  Have a think, does this ring true for you?

Enjoy the chilly weather here in Brisbane, wear your winter style with passion as it might only last the week!

Cat xo

Posted by:catcarew

Brisbane Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Curator + Fashion Up-cycler + Helping women express themselves stylishly, sustainably, without the clutter.

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