img_0741Using Nina Garcia’s “The One Hundred” as inspiration, I decided to pick out my top 20 items I would have handy should my closet be closed to me for some reason.

You see Nina came up with the idea of her “one hundred” because she started what she thought would be a quick renovation of her New York apartment.  As it turned out it took over two years and the items she kept going back for became her “one hundred”.

This is an amusing book to read and the pictures are divine.  It gives the history of each item and guides you in the selection on offer.  The jeans section alone is five pages.  Some inspiring quotes and other little known facts are littered throughout.

100 is quite a stretch for me and I really want to retain your interest…so my top 20 right now to wear in Brisbane, mid-winter are:

  1. Black long sleeve V-neck tight-knit merino top – approx 5 years old
  2. Black & white stripe long sleeve cotton T  – 1-year-old
  3. Navy & white stripe long sleeve with rock chick motif – 2nd hand
  4. White T-shirt – 2 years old
  5. Black VW Bug print t-shirt customised – 3 years old
  6. Aran wool knit from Ireland customised – 22 years old
  7. Pale pink V-neck light weight knit – 1-year-old
  8. Red Spray jacket vintage golf wear of my mum – approx 40 years old
  9. Black hoodie spray bomber – 5 years old
  10. Black dress trimmed with guipure lace – upcycled from a dress my mum made – approx 40 years old
  11. Black leather jacket – approx 15 years old
  12. Black skinny jeans high waist – 3 years old
  13. Denim skinny jeans – 3 years old
  14. Denim slim ankle jeans  – 2nd hand
  15. Off-white skinny crop jeans  – 1 year old
  16. Navy & black sequin A-line skirt – new this year
  17. Black wool scarf with tassels – approx 10 years old
  18. Pink muslin scarf with tassels – approx 5 years old
  19. Black knee-high boots – 5 years old
  20. Silver lace up sneakers – new this year

As you can see below my 20 items create so many outfits that I can easily go without wearing the same outfit twice (although I do and have no problem with that).  So challenge yourself and pick out your top 20 and see how many outfits you can create?

Enjoy your week.

Cat xo

Ps. I deliberately left out the brand names on my clothes, so you can use this list as a stepping stone to create your own capsule wardrobe, should you want to make a start on a calm sustainable closet.

Posted by:catcarew

Brisbane Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Curator + Fashion Up-cycler + Helping women express themselves stylishly, sustainably, without the clutter.

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