Going somewhere?  The flight is booked and the accommodation sorted.  Itinerary is set and you are sooooo excited…and then it gets closer to the date.  What the hell am I going to take…or rather what can’t I take?  Because let’s face it, if we could take all our favourite clothes and shoes and those bags and that scarf …oh and what about…we wouldn’t have a problem.

Really I don’t know how people with 5 houses around the world manage? (Oh, that’s right they buy multiples of the same thing and have one in each house, so actually they don’t need to pack – this is true –  I know of one man who ordered 9 of the same bespoke shoes to do this exact thing back in 1995).

But back to us simple folk who are very fortunate to be off on a holiday somewhere.  My method, which I have drilled into my kids (12 & 14 years) so they learn how to pack themselves (with a little overseen by me) is this.

Start with the DEFINITES.  These are underwear, socks or like, pyjamas, swimwear, toiletries, book, electronics with chargers, glasses & sunglasses and hat.  Pack these and then you know how much room you have left for the actual clothes!

Then the fun stuff.  The things you are actually going to wear.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.04.01 pmKnow the CLIMATE so look at the weather app – Today in Perth it is raining and 12 degrees C, Tokyo has clear skies and is 34 degrees C, Paris is 28 degrees C.  Climate instantly eliminates part of your wardrobe and directs you to the section you view to choose.

Know the ACTIVITIES you will be doing.  Lounging around a pool compared to venturing around art galleries tells you what demands you require on your dress.

Select a BASE COLOUR.  Black is my go-to for a wintery city adventure.  White is my choice for summery beach style trips.  Khaki, Navy or stone might be your pick.  Picking just one base colour eliminates your choices and ensures everything you pick to go with it will coordinate easily with all your other pieces.

Select one or two HIGHLIGHT COLOURS.  Red & white are my favourites.  Sometimes a new handbag or accessory that you want to take on your travels can help guide you to what highlight colour you pick.

Now that you have your colours sorted, your choices have been narrowed down.  Lay all your choices on the bed.  Bottoms on the lower end and tops above them.  All pieces need to work hard.  Any piece that is standing alone and combines with only one thing is out.

Start with your day clothes… Your activity dictates shoes, so make your selection.  Pick your favourite pant, skirt and/or short in your base colour. When selecting your tops make sure they go with all your bottoms and if possible can layer on top of each other.  Select a jacket and accessories for that first outfit.  Then check to see if they go well with your other day wear combinations.  If they do, they might be the only things you need to take.

Lastly pick an evening outfit.  If any of the day clothes can do double duty for your evening activities then you are winning on the space stakes.  But sometimes its worth packing a special event dress and heel, if you have the space.

Obviously the time you are spending away effects the quantity of items you choose but if you stick to the above suggestions and have access to washing your items then you should be able to keep to a ‘five-day outfit’ wardrobe for a six week trip, simply by mixing and matching.  You will be amazed at how many more combinations you can create with a small number of items.

Anyway I am off to Sydney for a 4 day sojourn later this week so will be putting my suggestions to practice right now. Whoo Hoo!

Enjoy your week.

Cat xo

Posted by:catcarew

Brisbane Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Curator + Fashion Up-cycler + Helping women express themselves stylishly, sustainably, without the clutter.

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