Packing for a holiday is like capturing the essence of your wardrobe into a concentrated capsule.  Applying my simple art of packing (last blog post) I chose black as my base colour, I added white as my supplementary colour and red as my hero colour then added one denim blue jean.  If you have been following my instagram @catcarew you probably know that these are the colours I live in mostly during Brisbane winter.

My selection is listed here.  Use this list if you are packing for a short sojourn – but add your own colour and fit.

  1. White short sleeve t-shirt
  2. White short sleeve t-shirt – graphic to add an edge
  3. Black silky collared long sleeve blouse
  4. Black v-neck long sleeved thin wool knit – can be layered or worn on its own
  5. Black leather zip front jacket
  6. Black hoodie wind/spray jacket – for exercising or for rainy weather
  7. Black skinny jeans
  8. Denim blue skinny jeans
  9. Red and black floral print shirt dress
  10. Knee high black leather boots
  11. Silver sneakers
  12. Black ‘pashmina’ wool scarf
  13. Red cross-body bag (I originally had my black bag in the picture but realised I needed a bigger one with cross-body possibilities)

So how did I wear my 13 pieces?

Friday – Jet plane, train, window shopping in Paddington, late lunch at Freds then lazy dinner at my sisters.

Friday = Graphic T + scarf + black skinny jean + leather jacket + boots + bag

Saturday – Brekky & shopping in Woollahra, lunch at Chiswick at the Gallery, Archibald exhibition at Art Gallery NSW

Saturday = Dress + leather jacket + scarf + boots + bag

Saturday night = White t + v-neck knit + leather jacket + black skinny jean + scarf + boots + bag (no pic as my phone lost power!)  I headed into the Sydney opera house on the ferry to see the wonderful Badu Gili film on the sails of the Opera House.

Sunday – walking around Greenwich, coffee, boating in Neutral bay and off to friends.

Sunday = Graphic T + denim skinny jeans + silver sneakers + spray jacket + bag


Monday – Brekky, wardrobe consult then jet plane home, jiggidy jig!

Monday = Black silky blouse + black skinny jeans + leather jacket + boots + bag

So I wore everything I took, with a couple of items doing double duty, which is usual for a travelling wardrobe.  I was very happy with all my choices.

CHALLENGE ALERT: If you are interested in creating a mini challenge for yourself.  There is a ‘thang’ called “Summer10X10” which is 10 items to make 10 outfits.  It’s trickier in winter but look search summer10x10 and you will find so much inspiration.  Or try picking out 10 items and add 3 wintery items like me to make it 13.  If anything it will get you thinking about your favourite base & hero colours and you might find how simpler your life is with less choices and be really surprised at how many outfits you can create. Let me know how you go and what you discover.

Enjoy your week.


Cat xo



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Brisbane Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Curator + Fashion Up-cycler + Helping women express themselves stylishly, sustainably, without the clutter.

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