So continuing on from the last post about the outfits I made for Worn Out showcase.  Here is the top and clutch made from salvaged items.

The “Wear Me Out” Top began with a 2nd hand t-shirt picked up from Suited To Success charity op-shop.  The motif was tired so I decided to cover this up with scraps and write a slogan on the other side.  The t-shirt can be worn either way.

Decided to use this 2nd hand tired looking t-shirt to upcycle into my quote t-shirt. The front ended up becoming the back.
My quote shirt “Wear Me Out” design which I had to adapt to what fabric I had left.
Working out how big the words should be & using my 30 year old tracing paper and roller.
Transferred the wording onto the t-shirt ready for stitching over.
Scraps at the ready to create my words and for the back of the t-shirt to cover the tired motif.
Wear Me Out zigzagged onto the t-shirt.
Covering the old motif with the fabric scraps left over from the skirt.
Inside the t-shirt showing the scraps coverage of the old motif.
Close up of scraps creating a new image on the t-shirt.

So once the skirt and top were completed I needed to complete the outfit with some accessories, starting with the bag.

The bag starts with putting ideas onto paper with the salvaged items I have left to use.
Cutting out the dirty plastic covering the motif as elements of the original bag can be kept.


The completed clutch.  New lining using part of a salvaged shirt + fringing picked up at the Easton Pearson sale.
The closure was reused from the old bag.

Then to finish off the outfit I used the cuffs to create fringes for sneakers or sandals.  Just cut the cuffs off close to the seam, then size them up against your shoes and cut off the sides to fit.  Using the cuff buttonholes thread your laces through and tie.  Instant fringing to match your outfit.  To use on a sandal I added little cross stitches at the front to enable them to thread onto a sandal with a cross bar. Cute DIY.

Hopefully my steps to creating new items from old inspires you to do the same to keep existing fabrics and clothes in the circular economy and away from landfill.

Until next time.

Cat xo

Posted by:catcarew

Brisbane Personal Stylist + Wardrobe Curator + Fashion Up-cycler + Helping women express themselves stylishly, sustainably, without the clutter.

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