Does your day start with a Cacophony of Colour or a Serene Rainbow? Tip #4

Wardrobe Audit Tip # 4: Colour code your clothes. Again for a positive start to the day, finding clothes to wear should be quick and simple.  Colour code your clothes and you can immediately go to the colour that reflects your mood. Colour coding means your favourite black skirt can be found quickly without looking […]

Do Your Hangers have a Story Too? It’s time to streamline. Tip #3

Wardrobe audit Tip #3: If your hangers are beautifully crocheted, hand-me downs from Grandma, inherited from the dry-cleaners or a mixture of wire, wooden, plastic hangers from various wardrobes you have used over the years, it is time to streamline. NOW. Nothing cleans the wardrobe and the head faster than using similar hangers for your clothes. […]