I was introduced to Cathy through my daughter. She was sick of me asking if this looked all right or more honestly “are you wearing that?”.

I was anxious about meeting Cathy for coffee as I felt the process would make me feel laid bare (Yes I was thinking Patsy on Ab Fab).

None of my fears were realized. Cathy put me at ease very quickly. I was excited to get on to the next step…looking at what is in my wardrobe, hopefully not shopping, as I don’t enjoy that part.

My wardrobe. Well I did have some outfits ‘who knew?’ Cathy talked about some choices that I had made that weren’t for me which after she had explained I saw it too (a revelation). I was more taken with some of the elements not seeing the whole dress. It turned out to be a fun, exciting and a great learning experience. Cathy just has that eye.

Cathy has guided me to understand what I need in order to look like me but better. Such a relief!

I go to get dressed with Cathy in my head and in the way my wardrobe is organized I choose my outfit. Feeling confident, with no second guessing ‘if it looked alright’.

Cathy has suggested some shops that will have clothes I like and will fit me (I keep this in me wallet just in case).

If like me, you have had your head down growing your family, don’t really think about clothes (keeping them clean of course), and the word “FRUMPY” comes to mind, call Cathy as she won’t waste your time and it will be a revelation.

I’m sure I shall be contacting Cathy again for tune-ups and special occasions.

March 2018

Posted by:catcarew

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