I was feeling very nervous of the expectation of what Cathy, The Closet Minimalist, would find and possibly throw out from my closet. But Cathy really made the experience of sorting my wardrobe into a truly positive one.

From the moment she stepped through the door, she made me feel very at ease and very professionally got about sorting my clothes into a much more organised way. She has a very good eye, and seems to know what suits you and your personality.

She managed to put items of my clothing together as an outfit, that I never would have thought of doing myself. I now don’t feel as many moments of “what am I going to wear?”, which has been truly amazing. Sorting my clothes by colours, is so simple, yet helps take a lot of the guess-work out of what to wear everyday.

Thank you Cathy for your valuable input , it is much appreciated.

June 2017

Posted by:catcarew

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