Group Styling Workshop

$500 per workshop Maximum 10 people Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Sometimes you want to get a group of your friends together to workshop the same ideas, support each other’s journey in developing your personal style and have some fun whilst learning about fashion, style, quick daily dressing and becoming your best self.

Each workshop is prepared to meet the group’s specific expectation. Some themes a group might choose are:

  • How to Grow a Green Closet – a Workshop to get you started on a sustainable and ethical closet.
  • How to Step Up the Style Factor at Work – a workshop to get you focussing on how your work demands dictate what you should wear and how to add your personal style to meet those demands and more.
  • I Lived the Corporate Life but then I had a Baby – how to get your groove back wearing relaxed & chic clothing.
  • What is a Capsule Wardrobe and Do I Really Need One? – This is for the women who want to simplify their life by having less options in their wardrobe without restricting their style.

Prior to the workshop a meeting with the group’s organiser(s) is ideal to discuss the groups ideas and expectations, so the workshop can be tailored to their needs. We can also finalise the venue – either at someone’s home, office or at an offsite location. I can arrange an offsite venue & catering if you prefer this option.

My workshops are interactive so each individual creates their own responses on a specifically prepared worksheet to ascertain their personal needs and uncover their personal style, befitting their own life demands. Wardrobe essentials, then colours and accessories are defined for each attendee. Then using a rack of essential clothing items, I demonstrate how a small collection of items can create a unique personal look in multiple outfits. Each attendee will leave with a worksheet defining their lifestyle demands, a clear idea on their best style to meet those demands and a simple way to create a wardrobe to get dressed daily without fuss.

Contact me if you would like to arrange a Workshop.